MediHelp was designed based on input from medical professionals and designed from A-Z by medical professional

Fast Search

The App provides a lightening fast search on the main page that show a list of name, active, photo, and price of your search

Important Data

Every search item provides a quick info as Similars, Pregnancy Category, BreastFeeding, Dosage, and CrossSelling

Lab Work

Another feature is the normal ranges of every test with a hint of what might this range indicate!


Dose Calculations

This is a unique feature that let you search the active constituent and only enter weight and you get the accurate dose!

IM & IV Mixing

This one let you know what drugs are compatible to be administered together in one syring or IV line

Drug of Choice

Last but not least, Drug of choice let you know what is the first line treatment for each indication according to the latest guidelines


Spend your time productively

This part of the app is quite unique, it has 4 sections that are design to make your time on the app as productive as it gets, as knowledge is power. here you can indulge it.

Quick Read

This section contains tips and warnings about pharmaceuticals, indications, patient counselling, and more as 500 character articles

Drug Design

This one is very special as it provides insights about the drug design process, and the Structure Activity Relationship of drugs

Insurance Claim

This part is specific to Pharmacists who work with insurance company claims, and who want a refresher every now and then


Last part is Quizzes, who doesn't like a quick quiz to test their knowledge and get more information in form of questions

Vibrant UI

For those who struggle with learning from textbooks and boring lectures, the app design walk the line between pretty and informative.


The leaderboard keeps count of app user activities from posting articles, submitting edits and add for the info on the app.

Feedback is vital

Every page of the app has a feedback button to report mistakes or add info, or even suggest edits to the app, which earns users points.

LinkedIn Connection

Every user can link their linkedIn profile and show their skills to potentials employers that they contribute and share their knowledge

User active participation

MediHelp values the contributions of its users, as it provides a game-like leaderboard to distinguish and reward users who are actively making the app a better experience to everyone.


Active constituents


Thousand Trade name




This a quick screen recording to show how the app works

Main Feature

The Main dish that this app serves is this part, Drugs organized in class and subClasses in an eye-catching style for you to re-grasp the necessary information


Disease Classes

The main aim is to provide a comprehensive, concise and accurate medical information in a unique way. Check out the details

More details